Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NATO Ministerial on Georgian-Russian Confrontation

The NATO ministerial session is over in Bruselss. The foreign ministers of NATO member states set the special committee dealing with the future Georgian-NATO and Russian-NATO relations. The communique of the session set the existing NATO-Russian relations for a serious reconsiderations and stressed the neccessity of assistance to Georgia. NATO will launch special negotiations with Georgia for setting the future plan of collaboration, as well as will add to the minitoring process of the ceasefire agreement between Russia and Georgia.
Ministerial re-confirmed NATO's support to Georgia's territorial integrity, further stressing that NATO will assisst to Georgia in recovery after the war. NATO ministerial pointed to Russia on re-considerations of its policy towards Georgia as long as the current situation will affect not only on NATO-Russian, but it will also significantly influence on Russia-EU relations as well.

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