Thursday, August 21, 2008

Protest Rallies continue

A peaceful protest action is being held at the Russian checkpoint near Igoeti. Protestors are crying: ‘Georgia’, ‘Occupiers, leave Georgia’, ‘Stop Russia’ and ‘It’s time to go home’ among other slogans. A group of Georgian doctors has joined this spontaneous protest.

The protestors are talking to Russian soldiers at their post. Acute discussion are being held between them. Russian forces are disposed on the both sides of the main road, although they don’t intend to move towards Igoeti.

Another protest rally against Russian aggression has been held in Poti. The rally began in the central square of the city and moved towards the port area, with protestors carrying banners saying ’STOP!’, ‘Russia Keep Away From Us’ and ‘Russian Forces Leave Georgia!’. According to Poti mayor Vano Saghinadze, rallies against Russian aggression will continue until the Russian regular army leaves Georgian territory. Local residents, members and staff of the local authority and representatives of non-governmental organizations took part in the protest.

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