Monday, August 18, 2008

Russian intervention in Georgia prompted an emergency meeting of the 26 NATO foreign ministers to pledge support and re-assert a promise of future membership on Tuesday, while trying to force Moscow to respect the peace deal, representative of the organization declared.
The extreme deteritoration of situation in so called Georgian-South Ossetian conflict, surfacing Russia as the conflict side, rather then as the mediator, could serve as a basis for reviewing the Bucarest decision, delivering a very clear message of solidarity to Georgia and pressing Russia to withdraw troops and comply over the international peace mechanism.
A six-point peace plan foresees a prompt withdrawal of Russian forces from 'core Georgia' -areas outside South Ossetia and a second Russian-backed separatist province of Abkhazia - but the West will also be looking for Russian troops to cut back their numbers quickly in South Ossetia itself, vacating place for international observers.
Recent developments have also seriously affected on Russia's international prestige, leading to the blocking Russian military navy from the joint Russian-NATO military trainings and making the western leaders to doubt Russia's membership in WTO.

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