Monday, September 15, 2008

188 civilians, 14 MIA personnel and 168 MIA military personnel died due to the Russian Aggression

188 civilians, 14 staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 168 of its special units personnel have died as a result of the Russian aggression, the bosses of the MIA, Defence and Health Ministries declared at a press conference held at the Sheraton Metekhi Palace Hotel on September 15.
The press conference was held by Minister of Health Aleksandre Kvitashvili, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Eka Zghuladze and Deputy Minister of Defence Batu Kutelia. As Kvitashvili declared, 188 identified civilians died due to the Russian aggression, most of whom had fatal wounds and burns. Eka Zghuladze declared that 14 MIA staff were killed, including two policemen, Tsotniashvili and Gulordava, who were killed in Ganmukhuri and Karaleti. Six persons are considered to be missing. Batu Kutelia stated that 168 special units personnel are dead. The bodies of 154 of these have been recovered, of which 110 have been identified, and the rest are considered missing in action but presumed dead.

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