Tuesday, September 16, 2008

David Gamkrelidze – NATO Representatives had lots of questions regarding democracy in Georgia

David Gamkrelidze, after leaving the Courtyard Marriott, where opposition representatives met NATO member states’ Ambassadors, stated that “the meeting was quite representative and significant. We discussed the actual issues of the country.”

Gamkrelidze stressed that NATO representatives had lots of questions regarding democracy in Georgia. “Opposition representatives explained the situation in the country to NATO members in detail. We understand how important it is for Georgia to get MAP. MAP doesn’t mean NATO membership, but will however form a guarantee that integration processes in the country will develop faster and the Government of the country will be more monitored by NATO, which will assist in the development of the level of democracy,” he stated.

Gamkrelidze added that NATO representatives avoided specifying their views on granting Georgia a MAP and gave opaque answers to questions on this subject. He stressed that he did not get the impression that Georgia would be granted a MAP in December, although he once again expressed his wish that the integration process is carried out as quickly as possible.

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