Sunday, September 21, 2008

Landslide kills four in Adjara

A landslide has killed four residents of the village of Masaura, in the Khelvachauri region. All are members of Chavleishvili family.

The landslide was caused by non-stop rain in the region. Agricultural land and yards have been completely flooded. The grandfather and one daughter of this family survived the landslide but were hospitalized with serious injuries.

The flood situation is currently critical in the villages of Korolistavi and Sameba. Rescuers are helping to evacuate people who have survived the landslides and floods. Another local resident, Jemal Shantadze, has died in the village of Charnaghi as a result of the flooding. Adjara Government leader Levan Varzhalomidze is visiting villages affected by the disaster.

The Adjaran capital Batumi has also been flooded. Traffic has been suspended due to damage to the Benze Bridge, and the landslide has covered the railway line.

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