Monday, September 8, 2008

Rally scheduled at Russian checkpoint in Khobi region

A demonstration is due to be held at the Russian illegal checkpoint in the village of “First of May” in the Khobi region. It is understood that local residents will gather in the centre of Khobi and hold a peaceful march to the village checkpoint. The organisers of the rally declare that Russia must dismantle all the illegal checkpoints it has established on Georgian territory.

Russia attempts to gain support from Azerbaijan

The Russian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers held a meeting in Moscow on September 7. According to Russian Government reports, Sergey Lavrov and Elmar Mamediarov discussed the regional and international situations created after curbing the Georgian assault on South Ossetia. The Azerbaijan agency “Dei Azi” reports that the Turkish “Security and Cooperation Platform” initiative was also discussed.

In a reference to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Lavrov apparently told his counterpart that Russia recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

Sergey Bagapsh not against Russian military bases in Abkhazia

Sergey Bagapsh has denied reports which suggested that he was against allowing Russian military bases to be established in Abkhazia, as the radio station “Echo Moskvy” states. “In my interview I was asked if new military facilities would be built in the Republic. I answered that no new installations were planned, but all the old ones would be restored. It was thus spread about that I was against Russian troops being based in Abkhazia. On the contrary, I personally demanded the stationing of Russian troops in Abkhazia,” the de facto President stated.

Mikhail Machavariani – Russian actions will help our colleagues understand the current situation

Georgian Parliament Vice-Speaker Mikhail Machavariani doesn’t think there is anything remarkable about Russian jets entering Georgian airspace. As he has stressed, Russia has already violated the Georgian border and occupied much of Georgia’s territory. Clearly therefore it will also violate airspace and make other provocations. “All these actions will help to open the eyes of our European and American colleagues to the reality of the current situation,” Machavariani says.

Two Russian jets entered Georgian airspace on September 7, according to an official statement made by the Georgian Government on September 8. The jets entered from the Russian Federation and proceeded to circle over Tskhinvali and Shatili for a period of about 45 minutes. The make of the jets involved could not be confirmed.

The Georgian Government could have avoided the Russian military aggression, say poll respondents

In another Kviris Palitra poll, also held from September 1-4, 407 respondents gave answers to the question, Could the Georgian Government have avoided the Russian military aggression? 43.0 % said that it could have done, 35.8% that it could not have done and 21.2% gave no answer or way or the other.

Irakli Alasania has played most positive role in latest developments, poll says

465 people took part in a poll conducted by ‘Kviris Palitra’ on September 1-4. The question was: Which of the following people do you believe has played the most positive part in the latest developments in Georgia? Poll respondents ranked the nine listed names from 9 (most positive) to 1 (least).

The results were as follows: 1. Irakli Alasania – averaging 7.65 points2. Mikheil Saakashvili – 7.553. Davit Bakradze – 5.834. Koba Subeliani – 5.065. Eka Tkheshelashvili – 4.796. Vano Merabishvili- 4.587. Temur Iakobashvili – 3.818. Gigi Ugulava – 3.489. Davit Kezerashvili -2.26