Sunday, September 14, 2008

Parliament begins to discuss 2008 Budget alterations

Parties represented in Parliament and various committees started to discuss alterations to the 2008 Budget on September 14.
Under the proposed Budget alterations the Defense Ministry budget will increase by GEL 150 million, the Ministry of Internal Affairs budget by GEL 100 million and GEL 107 has been set aside for addressing issues concerning the accommodation of refugees. An extra GEL 12 million has been allocated for farming, GEL 12 million for wine factories and GEL 9 million as subsidies for farmers. The Education Ministry will receive an extra GEL 14 million.
The Budget alterations were presented to Parliament on September 12. The first stage of discussions must end by September 19 prior to the summing up of the Financial-Budget Committee session. At this stage the new spending projects will be discussed by the factions Georgian Regions – Majorities, and Strong Georgia – Christian Democrats.

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