Sunday, September 14, 2008

Public Defender - Nikozi emptied of population, mainly due to Russian aggression

According to a report released by the Georgian Public Defender, the Nikozy village area has been denuded of much of its population. The report analyses the situation in 13 communities and 31 villages. According to the report, there were 2,278 households in Mejvriskhevi villages before the war, but according to September 8 data, only 65 percent of these remain. 78 percent of the 499 households in Akhalubani are still resident, 60% of the 1,254 households of Tkvivavi, 25% of the 839 households of Ditsi, 25 % of the 1,367 households of Tirdznisi, 15% of the 800 households of Nikozi, 55% of the 480 previously in Dvani, 90% of the 1,267 households of Dirbi, 85% of the 491 households of Ptsa and 55% of the 180 households of Abisi. There were up to 540 households in Avlevi village before the war, but now an average of only 38% of that prewar population remains in those villages, according to the September 8 data.

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