Thursday, September 25, 2008

Negative attitude of Russians towards USA, EU, Ukraine and Georgia hits new highs

The negative attitude of Russians towards the USA, EU, Ukraine and Georgia reached new levels in September, according to a survey undertaken by the Yuri Levada Analytical Centre on September 12-15 in 128 population centres in 46 regions of Russia.

75% of the survey respondents had a negative attitude towards Georgia, 67% towards the USA, 39% towards the EU and 53% towards Ukraine. Only 17% of the respondents declared they had a positive attitude towards Georgia, only 23% towards the USA, 45% towards the EU and 37% towards Ukraine.

The Yuri Levada Analytical Centre has been monitoring the attitude of population towards the USA since 1997, towards Georgia and Ukraine since 2001 and towards the EU since December 2003.

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