Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eorsi Temporarily Arreseted

Representatives of the Council of Europe, Matyas Eorsi was arrested on his way to city Gori. Iorsi and his escort was blocked for 40 minutes at the entrance checkpiont of the city. Russian forces declared that they were investigating whether Eorsi had the right to enter the city. As Eorsi commented: "International society supports Georgia and it is unbeareble that Russian forces block ways on the territory of sovereign state." Eorsi was also surprised with the restriction on free movement of journalists in the city. The escort of Eorsi also came across the Russian military cars, marching towards Gori, rather then moving back to Tskinvali. Eorsi termed the situation as "the occupation of Georgia by Russia", being unimaginable case, when one member state of EU Council is found to be occupied by enother.

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