Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Situation Remains Tense in Western Georgia

Situation has also worsened in other parts of the western Georgia, where the Russian occupants have blown up the Reservist Base of Osiauri. The MIA has confirmed the fact, although stated that military equipments and formations had already been dislocated. Port of Poti remains to be another hot spot, being occupied by Russian military forces, taking Georgian soldiers as hostage. At least 21 Georgian military policemen were arrested by the Russian forces in Poti, the Georgian officials said. Captured and blindfold Georgian servicemen are seen on this screenshot from CNN on the Russian armored vehicles.
The White House issued the special statement over Russian activities in the Port of Porti. The special representative Gordon Jondro expressed his hope that Russia will return back those US Hammers and other military equipments, being taken away the port.

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