Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GEL Equals 1.4130 against USD

USD 1 equaled GEL GEL1.4130 after trading at the Tbilisi inter-bank currency exchange today, August 20.As the National Bank of Georgia reported InterpressNews, two Georgian commercial banks as purchasers and the NBG as a seller took part in the trading session of the Tbilisi Interbank Currency Exchange (TICEX), where two new stock deals were concluded. The total trade turnover amounted to USD 8,000,000. The opening exchange rate was 1 USD – 1.4130 USD. The initial demand of commercial banks on the currency was USD 1.600.000, while supply amounted to USD 1.500.000. The official exchange rate from August 21 is 1 USD - GEL1.4130.

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