Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Russian Army Devastated the Country

In parallel of heavy contention on international arena over withdrawal of the Russian forces from Georgia and claims from Russian side over the course of action, Russian military formations continue the process of devastation of country’s infrastructure. Although the four illegal checkpoints were dismantled in Gori (in the group of enterprise, near railway station, and the rest in the center of the city), Russian militaries still pose problems for the free movement on highways.

Russians have occupied village Perevi, the Sachxere region, near the Tskinvali conflict zone, connecting the Sachxere region to the settlement of Djava. They demanded population to leave houses and vacate the whole village. The head of the region Zurab Tsertsvadze stated that Russian militaries are extremely aggressive, although asked the local population not to panic and stay in. The local administration was assembled in the village Chala, monitoring the situation. According to the recent information, Russian occupants do not intend to enter in Sachxere properly, although local police is mobilized to take the situation at control.

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