Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eorsi Visited the City Gori

Representatives of the Council of Europe, Castrio Islam and Matyas Eorsi went to the 'Town of Tents' outside Tbilisi where thousands of IDPs have been given shelter for some period before they return home.
The CoE envoys talked with the IDPs personally and listened to the stories how the women and the children flee their homes and villages as Cossacks and Ossetian gunmen chased and fired them.
''It's horrible when people have to stay in tents. In the 21-st century people must not be evicted from their homes. We are collecting material to make a report about Georgia developments to the Council of Europe. Georgia deserves to become a member of the NATO'' -Mr. Eorsi told journalists.
From the settlement the CoE envoyes went to the city of Gori.
U.K. Foreign Secretary David Miliband was the next to meet the IDPs. He said ''I heard horrible histories today from all relyable sources.''

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